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Chalk Creek Exotics is located on the Jetton Ranch south of Junction in

the heart of the scenic Texas Hill Country. The Jetton Ranch was founded

by Terry Hampus Jetton with his wife, Loma McCollum Jetton, in the early

1920's. Terry ranched sheep, cattle, and angora goats from the old Jetton

home place on the South Llano for several years before moving his family

to the ranch to stay in 1928. At the time there were no paved roads so trips

to Junction were rare. The Jetton children began their education on the

ranch with a live-in teacher from Junction. Though paved roads and caliche county roads have taken the place of pasture roads, the ranch is still remote with the headquarters seven miles from the nearest highway.

Terry would eventually purchase two more ranches, one in Kimble

County  that joined the original purchase and one in Edwards County.

After WWII, Terry sold 1500 acres to his neighbor and former Texas

governor Coke Stevenson to clear his debt leaving a little over 4100 contiguous acres on the current Jetton home place. He continued to

ranch with the help of his sons, Ennis and Bobby, until Loma’s failing

health forced them to move from the ranch to Junction in the late

1970's. Ennis continued the livestock operation throughout the 80’s and

90’s while his brother Bobby operated the Edwards County ranch.

In the mid-1980’s Ennis’ son, Sam, began Chalk Creek Exotics in a 400 ac high-fenced pasture on the ranch to add to the ranch’s diversity and capitalize on the emerging recreational use of the rugged hill country. The success of the exotic operation allowed the Jettons to reduce livestock numbers and intensely manage the native whitetail and the introduced species on the ranch. Although the ranch is still a working livestock ranch, the game populations receive much attention from the current managers.

Currently Sam, along with his wife, Robin, and their children, Shannon, Mike, and Kristin manage resident populations of Boer meat goats, Angus cattle, whitetail deer, Rio Grande turkey, elk, red deer, blackbuck, axis, ibex, addax, sika, fallow, several sheep species, aoudad, and a large herd of the endangered scimitar horned oryx. Sam and Robin live and work on the ranch. Hunting guests stay in a comfortable bunk house near the ranch headquarters and enjoy the remote solitude of a well-managed game paradise.

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